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September Garden Tidy Up

End of September is a great time to start tidying up your garden, especially after all this rain we've had. The perennials will need 'selective' pruning as I like to call it. The Geraniums and Alchemilla can be cut back so that they produce fresh new foliage through Autumn, the Euphorbia flower spikes (if you've not done so already) can be cut back down to the base leaving the new foliage to shine, the annuals you can continue to deadhead to promote new albeit usually smaller flowers. I like to cut down the Crocosmia if it's looking past its best as they start to look really ragged. And if you don't mulch your gardens in early Spring or Autumn, then you should be thinking about collecting the falling leaves and putting them over the soil as an offering to all those lovely worms out there.

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