Herne Hill Planting Plan.jpeg

Mr S. from Herne Hill

The designs Harriet presented were all very much aligned to the particular circumstances of
our location, integration with existing garden areas, and seasonal, colour, and viewing
preferences.  The pre-planning discussions, design presentations and final choices were all
characterised by excellent open two-way dialogue and consultation. Harriet included night
time lighting, as well as daytime viewing, in the choices of plant shapes and textures.
Optional ornamental features were included in the various fully illustrated mood boards,
which also had comprehensive details of what we could expect from chosen plants as
regards flowering and seasonal shows. 

We have been delighted with the results of all the designs. Harriet has returned when needed
to make hands-on adjustments and supervise the execution of the installation by our

Harriet is a very empathetic and insightful person to work with. She listens well, yet produces
flexible designs which we think will also stand the test of time.  She is efficient in all aspects
of consultation, delivery and billing.  We are confident she will be a great asset to anyone
seeking imaginative, yet practical garden solutions.