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Willesden Green Garden



The garden was shared with a neighbour using a pathway to separate them.  It was a long and narrow garden with a tired lawn and only older shrubs at the boundary.  The clients needed seating areas incorporating storage and grass that needed no mowing.  The only seating area was in the shade most of the time so a sunny entertaining area was required.  The front garden detracted from the house, the unkempt Tillia trees were causing the brick wall to lean and a makeover was desperately needed.


At the back, the long and thin space was separated into different zones; with an artificial lawn in the centre of the two seating areas. A zig-zag effect helps make the space feel wider than it is. As the clients were from New Zealand ,two Dicksonia antartica tree ferns were planted which added to the tropical feel of the garden.

The front garden was newly paved with interesting brick-edged paving and lined with lavender to help encourage bees into the garden.  A symmetrical area of low-maintenance shingle was inset with the specimen tree Cornus Controversa at the centre. 

Before and After

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