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This is my own garden. We bought the house in July 2021 and whilst most people think it is a busman's holiday, I can hand on heart say it's been the polar opposite - a true labour of love. Every night I can't wait to get into our garden and tinker, pot on, mow the grass, pinch out the tomatoes... or just sit and watch the sun set through the trees. 


It was a simple area of grass with a few shrubs against the fence that had survived following no love for years from the tenants. It had lots of ant hills and a very small unusable patio.



We wanted to better connect the house with the garden so we knocked through the window to create a sliding double door, and put in a new kitchen diner.  We extended the patio and given the awkward rectilinear shape of the garden, curves needed to be added. We already had the curved bench, kindly gifted to me by an old client so the curves worked together. The brick path/lawn edge allows us to get to the garage at the bottom of the garden no matter what the weather. The plants are always changing, as I continue to curate the garden just so!

Dulwich Garden Design

After & Before Photos

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